About Artipelago

ARTipelago was created by Mayriel Luke whilst she was living in Indonesia. The company set about to design an interesting combination of contemporary jewellery using local components in completely unique designs. Over the years the ingredients have come from all over the world, though the craft is still created in Indonesia.

The concept behind the designs was to use classical pearls and combine them with other beads, mixed semi precious stones, shaped silver beads, and different coloured cut crystals. Thus creating an eclectic collection of matching sets of necklaces, chokers, bracelets, earrings and rings.

The combination of the beading is unique; layers of beads in three dimensional and five dimensional designs which result in a striking ensemble of easy to wear adaptable jewellery.

Further to these designs come wide flat bracelets (cuffs) and chokers made from selected shaped silver beads or mixed with stones or pearls. All designs can be complimented with earrings and rings.

In addition to this collection are small beautifully beaded velvet/satin jewellery bags.

The cultured pearls come from China, Indonesia and the Phillipines.  The semi precious stones come from India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The cut crystal is exported from France. All clasps are made from sterling silver. Some of the beads are sterling silver from Italy and others are hand made in Bali. The threading wire comes from the USA and I believe it is the strongest thread available that will allow the effect we are creating.

“Our studio is set in the foothills of central Bali and is run by the most wonderful group of Balinese. I am originally from England and France and am now living in Australia. My family and I spent 5 years living in Bali and had the opportunity to set up the design studio ARTipelago.

I hope you enjoy the collection as much as we have enjoyed creating it. We are constantly seeking new materials and designing new concepts to bring innovative jewellery and accessories to you.”