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Serendipity Collection

This Collection is strongly influenced from my travels to Sri Lanka Stemming from the large finely faceted smokey quartz stones, the collection takes you on an exotic journey! Combining varied colours and textures with twisted strands of pearls and finely threaded sterling silver chains enveloped with pearls, sterling silver, smokey quartz and other semi precious gem stones and crystals…. This gorgeous collection is a collaboration of sweet joy, beauty and time.

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Grape Serendipity Necklace [NKSQ-05] Twisted pearl Necklace [NKSQ-02] Spade Cut drop Necklace [NKSQ-01] Three Stranded Bracelet [BR-SL-02] Twisted loop Earrings [ERSQ-02]
Cone Earrings [ERSQ-01] Oblong Ring [RNG-SQ02]