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Regal Collection

This Sterling silver Jewellery collection combines fine sterling silver mesh with pearls and semi precious stones creating a regal style all of its’ own. The mesh comes in two different designs as seen in the images. Together with matching earrings and a simple sterling silver mesh bracelet, This collection has a timeless and elegant quality to it that will remain elegant and fashionable for years to come.

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Queen's Necklace [NK-707] Silver Rolled Mesh Bracelet [BR-933 P] Regal Mesh Bracelet 9 rows [BR-MESH-9] Regal Mesh Bracelet 28 rows [BR-MESH-28] Mesh Bracelet [BR-MESH 11]
Prince's Earrings [ER-742] Mesh Design Ring with stone [RNG-8030-6] Mesh Ring, 3 row [RNG-MESH-3]